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But only on this account, however.
I mean i've kinda lost my will to keep checkin it every day, you know?
So yeah.
If i don't respond for quite some time, it only means i'm not on this account.

On the other hand, however, if you still wanna talk to me for any particular reason, i'll be active a whole lot( almost every day ahah )on my Homestuck RP account; silentLepus.
So yeah.

See you all in a while~ ^w^;


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United States

Well. There's not much to say about me. I call myself somewhat poetic, artistic, and was once called wise. I'm sweet and kind to someone when when I first meet them, that's just how I am. I always have a slight trust in them untill they prove I cannot trust them otherwise. I love to have fun, and have been called funny by many of my friends, seeing as I brighten their day. Them saying that, in return, brightens my own day.. ^^;
I am extremely overprotective of people I care about. Psh, just ask my bestie SinlessShadows and what happened to me the other day when he told me.. something. I went nuts.
If I find out someone I care about is getting hurt, I freak out. I start spewing out profanity at everyone, and nobody, and it turns ugly. But then I start to cry. I mean, cry-cry. Yeah..
When people say I 'worry', That's an understatement. When I 'worry', I Drop-down-on-my-knees and plead your okay, screaming. That's my 'worry'. Yeah. xD.

If someone is hateful to me, I return that hate, but never as strong. Apparently, my view on this world is very different than other people's; I say...
"People aren't born bad. It's the decesions they make, the path they chose, and what they've been through that shape their life as good or bad. I mean, really, what is Good or Bad? There really isn't one. Murder isn't wrong in the Animal world. So tell me, why is it wrong in the People world? There really isn't a Right or Wrong in my words, but I know many if not all people will never understand this; never understand me. Hey, I chose to be like this. So go take your hatred somewhere else. I may be misunderstood.. but I'm proud of who I am. I like who I am, because I worked hard to get to where I am.
I am me. And nobody else. Just... me."
Ehehe, just something I typed up. I'm big on quotes~ <3

[ Made by the perfect Kitsune-Minori ;u; ]

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